12 Hours of Sebring Campsite and Cruiser Contest



The legendary Sebring 12-hour endurance race every March features the world’s top sports car racing teams.  It also features the most dedicated following of fans in all of motorsports.

Often called the “Woodstock of Auto Racing,” Sebring attracts thousands of race fans from around the world for a four-day festival of international sports car racing.  The  59th edition of the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring presented by Fresh from Florida takes places March 16-19th, kicking off the 2011 American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patron.

Since 1952, Sebring has been a harbinger of spring for sports car racing. With the scent of orange blossoms in the air, the event has always attracted an eclectic mix of hard-core racing enthusiasts, foreign visitors, college students on spring break and Floridians looking to watch the world’s most exotic and technically-advanced racing machines. Even in 1974, when the race wasn’t held due to a fuel shortage, thousands of fans showed up anyway to party and celebrate the Sebring tradition.

Today, Sebring remains America’s greatest sports car race, and second only to the 24 Hours of Le Mans in terms of international significance. The Sebring tradition is alive and well.  The race’s dedicated fans, bolstered by new fans joining the Sebring tradition every year, will begin lining-up at several weeks before the gates open (when fans started lining up in December, three months before the race, officials decided to make March 1st the earliest they could arrive since there is simply not enough room or facilities outside the entrance).



In honor of its loyal following of fans, Sebring International Raceway will recognize its top campsites and cruisers at this year’s Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring presented by Fresh from Florida.

A “Campsite of the Year” and a “Cruiser of the Year” will be designated in a new competition that will recognize this important part of the Sebring tradition.

It was 40 years ago that Sebring’s most famous campsite “F-Troop” was founded by race fans Bobby Amour and Chauncey Wallace.  That site has grown annually and now boasts members from throughout the USA and as far away as Holland. Current F-Troop “Commander” Terry Harms has organized the campsite’s annual activities for over 30 years. There are now dozens of campsites around Sebring’s historic 3.7-mile circuit, originally a World War II B-17 training base known as Hendricks Field.

With the Sebring classic getting bigger every year, new campsites and cruisers have been joining the fun.  Can these “rookies” upstage the veterans?

“Our guests are certainly part of the Sebring spectacle,” stated Sebring President and General Manager Tres Stephenson. “This competition is one way we can recognize their dedication to Sebring, and at the same time inspire new fans to join in the fun.

“This year will be truly special,” added Stephenson. “With Sebring joining the new Intercontinental Le Mans Cup, we expect the finest entry in over a decade.  Ticket sales are approaching a record pace, and the momentum continues to build.”

Campsites will be judged by a committee that will visit each location the day before the running of the 12-hour classic. Judges will focus on the creativity of each entry’s Sebring race-related theme when selecting the winner. Cruising vehicles will be judged Friday afternoon on the Midway at 3 pm. To register for either competition, see below. Complete details will be posted at sebringraceway.com.

Winners in each category will be honored at the 60th Anniversary race in 2012 and will be featured in the race program and on Sebring’s website. In addition, Sebring International Raceway will donate $500 to a non-profit organization of each winner’s choice.


To enter your Sebring campsite, contact mchristian@sebringraceway.com with the following information (deadline to register is March 1):

  1. Campsite Name
  2. Location
  3. Organizer’s name, address, email address and phone number.

Rules: Campsite name must be clearly indicated. Campsite must be up and running by Friday, March 18 at 3 pm.


To enter your Sebring cruising vehicle (deadline is March 1), contact mchristian@sebringraceway.com with the following information:

  1. Type of vehicle and “name”
  2.  Owner’s name, address, email address and phone number.

Rules: Vehicle name must be clearly indicated. No alcohol beverages inside the vehicle.  All passengers must be seated at all times. Judging will take place at 3 pm on the Midway. Cruising activity at Sebring will be limited to the Midway and North Paddock (no cruising in the main paddock will be allowed).

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25 Responses to 12 Hours of Sebring Campsite and Cruiser Contest

  1. Sandra Laramy says:

    As a long attending Vet (33 this yr) I’d like to nominate my (Turn 10) as best campsite, and the LaBomba as best cruiser. I’ve known the LaBomba members actually longer but until Turn 10 was created in 1991 (with the change of the course) I was just sort of camping along a nice long straight away that went past the warehouse. You’ll find we have members from around the globe and welcome many drivers and pit crew to our camp. Thank you for including my nominations, Gasblendergirl@10, Sandy Laramy

  2. Paul Weingart says:

    The ( what I call) Sebring cars and crazy campsites are all part of the great atmosphere that is lost on the tv broadcast. I think it is great to hear that this is now being recognized.

  3. Maureen Cool says:

    I will have to come up with something really COOL for our camp site! I think it is great to recognized all the creative or not so creative efforts. The only way to get the true feeling of the races is to be there. Maybe you should include a Drag Race, like they do in the Keys for the Conch Republic Independance Celebration…

  4. Lee Erickson says:

    My friend Rick Clarke from St. Petersburg used to have an informal “Sebring Vehicle” competition every year on the Midway. I made up flyers, and we would hand them out to anyone who had modified a car for Sebring. They would gather for a short parade on the Midway, he would choose the crowd favorite (chanting tastes great; less filling) and then would award the winner a 6pack of beer.
    He was also involved in the S.S. Saltpetersburg, an old Plymouth station wagon with a tuna tower built onto it.
    It would be nice if you could somehow credit him with the original idea.

  5. Ryan Dillashaw says:

    im entering for sure

  6. Ryan Dillashaw says:

    I suggest The Le Mans Curve Compound for Campsite and The La Bomba for Cruiser

  7. The Campsite/Cruiser Contest for the 2011 12 Hours of Sebring is already creating a great buzz within the Sebring Fan Community. As much as we all enjoy and appreciate the World Class Sports Car racing event that is the 12 Hours of Sebring, there has always been an equally dynamic and entertaining sub-plot, and that is the perennial display of numerous whimsical and imaginative Campsites and Green Park Cruisers. Anyone who has ever been to Sebring knows that indeed this event is the ‘Woodstock’ of Motorsports. Some of the more notable and tenured Campsites include the legendary ‘F-Troop’, ‘Dodge City’, the ‘Party Barge and ‘Turn 10’, just to note a few. The Green Park Cruisers have come and gone over the years, but some will never be forgotten such as the classic ‘Run-a-Ground’, ‘Mr. Badwrench’, ‘El Domeano’ ‘La Bomba’ and countless others. Many props to the staff at Sebring International Raceway for coming up with and sanctioning this fan oriented contest and to officially recognize this grand tradition at Sebring.

  8. bill cope says:

    camp Mcgruff a sebring family reuion’ good times’ good food

  9. Ryan says:

    “If you Would like to See The Le Mans Curve Compound Win The 12 Hours of Sebring Campsite Contest. Then Subscribe to this group and please suggest it to your friends. Lets see how many likes we can get before the contest @ Sebring during the 12HR weekend. GO TEAM LCC!! I hope we can impress the judge’s!”

  10. SebringSue says:

    We are all looking forward to this years race for so many reasons. Woodstock of Racing, having a record line up for the 12 hours is exciting, being the first race to kick off the American LeMans Series is awesome. F-troopers can’t wait to see all the creative ideas for Campsites and Cruisers…have it on good authority that Run A Ground 2 will makes it’s debut at the 2012 race, until then…Oh and welcome back Audi Team!

  11. Yellow Jeep in the Old Mud Pit. And Monks.

  12. Justanother Bovine says:

    Can walking cows be recognized as “cruisers?” ;-D

  13. THE holy Cow says:

    The nearly world famous SEBRING COWS and the Drunk Monks should be a part of the Judge group!

  14. TURN ONE RACINg says:

    Look out for the new generation of SEBRING! Check us out BIG JOHNSONS TURN 1 RACING TEAM! We see’em first!!!! The cruiser is under construction… Let the tradition and good times ROLL!!!!!!

  15. Molly M. says:

    Turn 10 is the best!

  16. Tawnya & Don Burge says:

    We are from St Pete Beach and I met my husband Don Burge 37 years ago in 1975 selling the Sebring T-Shirts for Rock N Roll T-Shirts on the famous Midway. What a great place to celebrate our anniversary EVERY year!!! It is so hard to put a favorite because we have SEEN it all. My 2 picks if I had to would be “Run A Ground” putting a boat on a car chassis what a great idea and of course F Troop bringing an entire band to entertain all of us!!! Both were alot of work. Can’t wait for another anniversary celebration and we will be there at 3:00 on Friday to watch the contest!!!!

  17. bill cope says:

    yes sebring12

  18. bill cope says:

    mcguff rules

  19. Tawnya Burge says:

    We are from St Pete Beach I met my husband Don Burge in 1975 at Sebring he was selling the Sebring T-Shirts for Rock N Roll Shirts. We will be celebrating our 37th anniversary this year. We sure have seen alot in those past years. If I would have to pick the best is The Run A Ground what an idea to put a boat on a car chassis.
    F-Troop also for bringing a whole band every year that is a lot of work. We will be at the Midway at 3:00 on Friday for the contest…….

  20. Allen Glazier says:

    A handful of friends and I have lived in GREEN PARK the third weekend of March since the late 1970s. We first settled at what used to be the “S’s” (turn 5) across from F-troop (now the Sheriff’s compound) and camped there for about eight years. Our group grew to 15 or so guys and we moved to the other side of the track, between turns 9 & 10 – neighbors of Dodge city. A few years later we moved to an even more exciting area of Green Park, between turns 8 & 9, known as Fangio Chicane…PARTY TOWN – never a dull moment! After a dozen or so years of dust bowl and/or mud bowl, better known as the Sippi Hole, we decided to move the party to higher ground now that most of us traded our tents for motor homes. For the past seven years we have resided in the green grass of SMOKER CITY, located near the center of Green Park between Gurney Bend and Fangio Chicane. Swing by and talk some Sebring history with us – we have over 100 years between us! – look for the smoker. Last year we had the pleasure of talking with – and feeding – some of the guys from the race teams and would like to extend the invation again. Hope to see you all this year. It’s year number 30 for Jake and me.

  21. Lee Erickson says:

    I found a copy of the flyer from 1992 (2nd annual) and a couple of photos, so we started doing the vehicle parade 20 years ago.

    Remember Animal Camp? Another great Sebring camp, usually near the Hairpin walkover.

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